Are You Hiding Your True Self?

Fliska with quote 2When I first began to draw the Enchanted Elementals all of them had masks. Looking back on this I realized that I was feeling quite a bit of fear around what I was doing and who I was becoming. It felt as thought the masks allowed me to create without having to expose all the parts. I really thought at one time that I could not draw an eye to save my life. It seems that the masks helped me work through that fear in a safe environment without having to fully realize not only my potential but the full power that was beginning to appear on the pages before me. Masks allow us to hide out just enough to stay safe. They only exposure we have behind a mask is our eyes. The reason we are comfortable with showing just our eyes is because they are the doorway to our soul and our soul knows no fear. Our soul steps out first to be seen and allows us the time and space to become comfortable before fully showing our true self. The Enchanted Elementals reflect back to us our unconscious beliefs and behaviors. For me, I didn’t really know what to think in the early days. I was very overwhelmed yet at the same time comfortable in knowing that all I needed to know would be shown to me when I was ready. The masks that you are about to see serve as a doorway to that which you may not see. I have worn each of these masks throughout the years and still find myself wearing one every now and then. Each of us wears a mask on occasion, if not always. An example is when something new is showing up, whether it be a new project or a relationship we tend to put on a mask. Sometimes it is only temporary, while other times it may be semi-permanent. These masks are beautiful but when worn for too long, we cut ourselves off of from the potential that is waiting for us. There comes a point when when we must see beyond the mask to evolve and grow. When we don’t realize that it’s time to remove the mask, things tend to come to a halt and it usually manifests as feeling stuck. The first time I drew an Enchanted Elemental without a mask it created such a feeling of freedom. It created a whole new level consciousness for me. I’ve provided 9 of Enchanted Elemental Masks for you to look at below. Which one are you most drawn too? Look at the pictures first and then scroll down below the masks for their meaning and message to you. The one that you are most drawn to will most likely be the one that reflects back to you where you are right now. Ask yourself where in your life right now does this seem to fit. This also works in the other direction too – if there is one that is rubbing you the wrong way- you may want to pay attention to it, this most likely is something that you are refusing to see and acknowledge. If you can muster the courage to work with the mask, you’ll soon see what you’ve been resisting. In either case, if you’re open to the mask and its message, it could be just what you needed to move forward in a big way. Don’t be afraid to remove your mask, they are here to help you when you are ready. The Mask Collage

Abernackle – Full of wonder, hides behind earthly beauty to protect fro the rough energy that appears to be out there. Has a good understanding/grasp of what is wanted but having difficulty putting down the mask and showing the world who you really are. Knows that you can come out of hiding and has to some extent, but prefers the safety of staying behind the mask.

Fi – Happy, creative, balanced, loves to experiment. Ready to fly. Has done the work to begin your new adventure in life.

Fliska – Coming out to fly, celebration. Freedom awaits as you remove the mask.

Floreen – Flying high – drifting along, allowing the wind of change to carry you. Flowing, examine your surroundings taking in all that resonates. Like a seed ready to pollinate with your ideas, not quite ready to land yet.

Gaila – You are ready to allow creativity to flow. The potential for the new is abound – your open and ready. Your light is shining brightly and continues to spread like weeds.

Lade – Experimentation – exploring new things. Not quite sure yet. Your in the process of developing. There is much growth in how you see things.

Saree – You see what you desire. The seed is getting ready to grow. You are ready to expand, plant the seed, watch it take flight. You know to do. It’s time to honor your being and water your seed. Sirius – Very serious about things. Loves mystery and the unusual. Loves to uncover things – bringing all parts together. Intention is strong and focused. Able to create growth all around you.

Susla – You are ready to come out and do what you know to do. Potential for growth is all around you. You are grounded, steady and full of excitement.

I know in my heart that these masks will make a difference in your life. I’ve personally experienced their incredible energy and am so excited to finally be sharing them for the first time with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have an enchanted day! Robin

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  1. I love these cards Robin, in fact I love pretty much any of your work. There is always something that speaks to me. Lade and Fliska stand out for me at the moment, not surprisingly.

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